BrowseAloud... Making websites talk!

To help share information more effectively, Deal Communications is now using software called BrowseAloud which will read the website aloud.

BrowseAloud is designed to improve access to information and services on websites for people who find it difficult to read online content.

BrowseAloud reads website content aloud and highlights each word as it is spoken. This audio-visual mode increases comprehension and improves understanding of words. This is aimed at helping those with learning and literacy difficulties, dyslexia, mild visual impairments and even to those who speak English as a second language.

It is available free of charge to visitors to our website, making it possible for people with limited resources to have access to assistive technology.

How does it work?

Download BrowseAloud

Once you have downloaded BrowseAloud, the BrowseAloud icon will appear in the system tray, which is usually found in the bottom right corner of the screen.

By simply placing the mouse cursor over the text, the relevant sentence will be read aloud and at the same time highlighted. You can choose to listen to particular sections of text, or the entire page from where your cursor is pointed.

To customise your BrowseAloud settings, right click on the icon, once it is installed on your computer, and choose 'Open BrowseAloud settings' from the menu. Here you can change the speed of the voice and the colours used in text highlighting, save text as an MP3, have links identified and read aloud, customise pronunciations, and much more.


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