Nothing about us without us

Nothing About Us Without Us

Victor, Mitch and Tim

The kids who come to the Annie Mac have little or no functional speech. They know they’re smart, but they can’t tell anyone.  Only when we help them to communicate can they show their real abilities.  Victor, Mitch and Tim have blossomed into intelligent, curious, and imaginative young men.

There are 5000 children with little or no functional speech in Victorian schools who need help to beat a system weighted against non-speakers.  Victor, Mitch and Tim are impatient.  They want to speed things up.

So they told the world.  They each gave a presentation at the ISAAC 2018 international conference on non-speech communication in July, using their communication aids to tell therapists from around the world that they must ensure that no child is left behind.

Victor's presentation is here

An account of the changes we've pushed for in the Victorian educational assessment program for children without speech is here

They challenged the prejudices, the system, and the world.

We work to change the way children with little speech are assessed.

We work to ensure they get voices, not prejudice.

Please help us to help them speak out.

Donate at GiveNow, please. 
Give what you can.

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