Joining the Anne McDonald Centre

Internet membership is free.  We’ll  give you full access to the material in our library, including all of Rosemary Crossley's books. If you’re interested in communication without speech, what’s not to like? No cost, no obligation, and we’ll take you off the list any time you ask.

If you want to do more than that to help people without speech, you can take the extra step and join up as a full member.

We need your help.

While the Centre helps the people who come to it, that's not enough.

There are thousands of people in Australia, and millions of people around the world, who need communication assistance - the right kind of communication assistance - and who aren't going to get it unless governments change their mind about what's important. Governments listen to people in large numbers making their wishes known directly.

If we're going to be listened to, we need to be able to speak for large numbers of people. If you believe that everybody deserves a chance, that nobody should be written off, and that everybody can communicate in some form or another, think about joining up with the AnnieMac.

We're a non-government non-profit charitable organisation. Anyone with a commitment to the rights and welfare of people with communication impairments can join.
The cost of full membership is Aus$50 a year (or Aus$20 concession, if you have a disability, or don't have much money). If you live locally you might like to consider doing voluntary work, too, or standing for the Committee of Management.

If you’d like to be a full member please contact us at


Anne McDonald Centre. 538 Dandenong Road, Caulfield 3162 Victoria, Australia Ph: 03 9509 6324, Fax: 03 9509 6321
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