Our director - Dr. Rosemary Crossley A.M., M.Ed., Ph.D.

Rosemary Crossley has been director of DEAL Communication Centre in Melbourne since it opened in 1986.  She has worked with children and adults with severe communication impairments for more than thirty years.

In the late seventies Rosemary taught a group of teenagers with cerebral palsy to communicate through spelling.  She later co-authored a book, Annie’s Coming Out (later made into the film of the same name), with Anne McDonald, her first student.

Since then Rosemary has written several more books, including Facilitated Communication Training and Speechless.  She consults and lectures in many countries, mainly on strategies for facilitating and augmenting communication.  She was made a Member of the Order of Australia for her services to people with severe communication impairment.  Her doctoral thesis may be found here.



  • Annie's Coming Out, 1980, Penguin Books, Melbourne (with Anne McDonald)
  • Annie — Licht Hinter Mauern, 1990, Piper, Munchen (with Anne McDonald)
  • Re-Inventing the Wheelchair - Technology and People with Handicaps, 1993, Swinburne University of Technology, (with Chris Borthwick and Anne McDonald)
  • Facilitated Communication Training, 1994, Teacher’s College Press, Columbia University, N.Y.
  • Gestützte Kommunikation: Ein Trainingsprogramm, 1997, Beltz Verlag, Basel
  • Speechless, 1997, Dutton, N.Y.
  • Il Metodo Della Comunicazione Facilitata, Quaderni di Savona Provincia, 1998

Journal Articles on Facilitated Communication Training 

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  • Permanent vegetative state: usefulness and limits of a prognostic definition, 2004, NeuroRehabilitation 19(4):381-9 (with C.Borthwick)

Guest Lecturer

Bolton University (UK), Christchurch University (NZ), Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore); Lesley College (Boston); Northern Illinois University; Syracuse University (N.Y.); University of New Hampshire; University of Wisconsin at Madison; University of Texas at Austin; University of Cologne, University of Michigan, Chapman University (L.A.), University of Maine, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Whittier College (L.A.), London University, Sydney University.


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