ODTAA 2010 1

ODTAA 2010

One Damn Thing After Another,
All Round the World

As seen by Anne McDonald
Accompanied by
Rosemary Crossley and Chris Borthwick


So, there being many little duties awaiting our attention around the world, we book tickets to the West Coast Facilitated Communication Symposium in LA, and then on to the ISAAC conference in Barcelona, and then to Brussels where Rose has to see a client, and then a few days sightseeing in Germany.  Departing July 20th, back August 8th. Taxing, but not unheard-of.  
That’s some way off, though. Winter surrounds us, so we all trot off to get our flu shots. Regrettably, they’re reluctant to give us the pneumonia shots on the same day – but that’s a minor issue, and what with getting ready for the trip we have many more important things to do with our time, so we accept it and move on.
Friday June 25
Seem to be developing cold sore. What a nuisance. Not that it’s a big thing in itself, but I’ve noticed in the past that when I have a cold sore that seems to be associated with
Saturday June 26
I’m sorry, where was I? Seizures. And while I’m of course inured to these bloody seizures, just every now and again – very seldom - one of them develops - practically never, really - into pneumonia, which would be awkward. Still, no point in fretting. It may never happen.
Monday June 28
Apparently I have pneumonia. Still, I’ve had it before – a round of antibiotics and it’ll be completely cured. Completely. Which is a good thing, because the antibiotics tend to rack me up and make it difficult to eat.
Sunday July 4
Very difficult to eat. Still, which of us wouldn’t like to lose the odd kilo or ten?  Just makes me easier to carry, really. No need to worry.  Once I stop the antibiotics I’m sure I’ll be as good as new.
Thursday July 8
And shingles.  
Shingles pic.
Did I say shingles?  When I have a cold sore, very rarely it can be associated with shingles.  As, indeed, it is now.
I have shingles. Very itchy, which is very frustrating since I can’t scratch. And it means more pills to take.
Wednesday July 14
Of course, pneumonia can always recur. Which it apparently has. Should we cancel the trip? It would be a pity, but… Don’t have to decide quite yet, I suppose.  Should be able bring it under control quickly.
Friday July 16
Pop along to the GP to get clearance for the trip.  Unfortunately, she detects symptoms of some sort and insists on sending me along to the emergency ward at Royal Melbourne.  The doctor there seems to think that I need a week on an antibiotic drip, which would rather interfere with the journey.
Saturday July 17
There, I told you so!  The x-rays come back clear and I am discharged at one in the morning. People fuss so.
Monday July 19
And my chest seems to have cleared up, and I’ve stopped the antibiotics on RMH instructions and thus can eat again, and everything seems to be tickety-boo, really. Clear to go.


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