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ODTAA 2010
Tuesday 20 July
Off to Melbourne airport with three huge suitcases and a rabble of carry-on luggage. 
The Sydney flight is uneventful. On the ocean leg to LA, however, I find that I seem to have developed some kind of bladder infection, and the pain makes it difficult to sleep.  Still, I’m sure it will pass swiftly.
Overall, though, a long and quite unpleasant flight. We have an extra seat, but I find it difficult to lie down.  God, I hate United.
Arrive in LA.  For some reason, the wheelchair taxi that was supposed to meet us is not in evidence. After an hour or so we get another and drive out to Whittier to the home of our hosts the Rubins.  I see that LA has laid out several new burning tyre yards along our route, though I am not vain enough to think that it has been done for my benefit.
Arrive, hug Rubins, and settle in.
Still can’t lie down.  Actually, that seems to mean that I can’t sleep at all.  For the second night.  Well, no biggie.  I’ll soon be back to normal.
Wednesday 21 July
Quiet day.  I have to say, however, that that infection from the flight makes it a little difficult to concentrate.
Dinner at the Rubins with the Master Trainers, including Doug Biklen, Marilyn Chadwick, and Jane Remington-Gurney.  Wonderful food and many jokes. 
Would be nice for all of us if I could sleep lying down. Rose and Chris take turns.
And tomorrow the Symposium.....


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