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ODTAA 2010

Thursday 22 July

 First day of the Whittier FC Symposium down at the Radisson hotel.

Radisson Whittier

The day begins with the new Gerry Wurzburg movie, Wretches & Jabberers, a wonderful road movie following two guys who type with facilitation as they travel round the world to meet others like them in Sri Lanka, Finland, and Japan. Funny and illuminating.  I really, really, really loved it and I’m going to watch it over and over.



 Meet lots of nice people, including John and Connie Wakeham, Steve Boyer, Darlene Hanson, and many of the others I’ve heard about from Rose.

 Chris wanders over the road to buy some pork crackling and comes back with a votive candle to Saint Death, Santisima Muerte.

Saint death

The sticker on the back says

Holy Death
Death, dear to my heart,
Don’t abandon me, protect me,
And don’t let [fill in name here]
Have one moment of peace:
Keep him restless and bothered
With the thought of me always


You never know, it could come in handy.
Afterwards dinner for all at the Wakeham’s place, with ribs and a Margarita machine. A proposal floats up to send a group of WAPADH people over to visit DEAL. Which would be nice.
Rose and Chris take turns sleeping.

Friday 23 July
Second day of the Whittier conference, opening with my (and Leonie’s) presentation to about 300 people. A triumph, naturally. And after all the cranberry remedies Rita has been pressing on me the bladder infection seems to be clearing up. Goody!
Rose has a presentation, which goes as well as could be expected.
The hotel has a large number of stipulations about entering the dining room.


No hats? No jerseys? No baggy clothing? No plain white T-shirts? Something to do with gangs, apparently.

Still can’t lie down easily, though.  Rose and Chris take turns sleeping.

Saturday 24 July

Third day of the Whittier conference, opening with a wonderful joint presentation by all the Rubins.  Then off to the airport.  Teeny contretemps; the wheelchair taxi is just the general airport maxitaxi, and has two passengers already and thus no room for our trunks.  Doug Biklen and Vicki Dean very generously drive us to LAX.

And off to Barcelona...

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