What the Anne McDonald Centre Does

In Victoria, the Anne McDonald Centre provides augmentative communication services to any Victorian, regardless of age or diagnosis, who cannot speak (or cannot speak intelligibly) and who can attend the centre.

If you want to print out a brief account of our services and contact details, go to our brochure.

At the Anne McDonald Centre

  •  we assess each client's communication needs and abilities.
  •  we try to find the most empowering means of communication for people who have little or no speech and no alternative means of communication.
  • we give people who have only a limited means of communication (a symbol board or a few manual signs, say) a chance to try out more powerful alternatives, such as speech synthesisers.
  • we help parents, therapists, caregivers and teachers discover the communication possibilities of people in their care, and where necessary we teach them to use non-speech communication methods (including Facilitated Communication Training when it's appropriate).
  •  we establish training programs to improve clients' skills.
  •  we loan communication aids so that people can practice their skills and make informed decisions about selecting equipment.  (Victorian residents with little or no speech are entitled to government funded communication aids.)
We don't in theory have anything against providing services to people interstate, but except in special circumstances you have to be willing to attend the the Anne McDonald Centre in Caulfield regularly.

Our staff visit Melbourne schools, adult day programs, and nursing homes and make regular visits to some Victorian country centres.  If you make special arrangements, our staff can also visit facilities interstate.

We assist Victorians to obtain free electronic communication devices up to a value of $7,000 through the government-funded Aids and Equipment Program.

We delivers seminars and workshops on aspects of augmentative communication at tertiary institutions, schools and centres - just ask us.

We have no age limits - we see people of all ages.  To read more about communication intervention for a particular age group please click on the link below:
Anne McDonald Centre. 538 Dandenong Road, Caulfield 3162 Victoria, Australia Ph: 03 9509 6324, Fax: 03 9509 6321
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